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Skype: maplebio
Tel: +86-371-23835552
Mobile: +86-15837868827
WhatsApp: +86-15837868827
Wechat: jessicawang8817
Advanced Equipment & Ultimate Production Ability

With the development of Red Maple Leaf, our production scale is constantly expanding, successively introduce a large number of production equipment and packaging equipment from home and abroad and constantly enhance the automation level of the equipment to meet the customer's requirements on the products.

Since the establishment of Red Maple Leaf in 2004, the product range has been broadened from the single fish oil softgel to over 2,000 specifications and our dosage forms include soft capsule, hard capsule and tablet. Our packaging options include bottle, blister and carton.

  • Softgel

    Machine: 5 modern high stand large soft gel production lines
    Daily Output: 12 million soft gels

  • Hard Capsule

    Machine: 4 fully automatic hard capsule production lines
    Daily Output: 3 Million hard capsules

  • Softgel

    Machine: 10 high speed tablet production lines
    Daily Output: 10 Million tablets

Our packaging machine includes 3D mixers, automatic bottling machine, high efficiency blister packing machines, automatic bagging machines and coating machines,etc.

Key Process of Production
HOT LINE:    +86-371-23835552

World Headquarters

Red Maple Leaf Biological  Technology Co., LTD.NO.6 310 State  Road,Industrial Park Of Gulou District,
Kaifeng City, Henan Province,
  • Contacts:    MS. Jessica Wang
  • Skype:     maplebio
  • Mobile:     +86-15837868827
  • E-mail:
  • Wechat:     jessicawang8817
  • WhatsApp:     +86-15837868827

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